Pool Heating

Extend your swim season! A solar pool and spa heating system can provide you with a comfortable pool temperature in late spring and early fall without the use and expense of conventional pool heating

Extend your swimming season into spring and fall using solar heaters instead of conventional pool heaters that use propane or natural gas

Solar heaters are often the most economical way to heat a swimming pool. Compared to conventional pool heaters using propane or natural gas, solar pool heating systems can pay for themselves in six years or less. If you currently do not heat your pool, a solar heating system can provide an economical way to extend your pool season, starting earlier in the spring and extending later into the fall.

Solar pool heaters work by rerouting pool water directly through polypropylene collectors and then returning the warmed water to the pool. The collectors used for pool heating systems are often less expensive than those used for domestic hot water systems. Please note that systems installed in the Central Valley are typically sized requiring the solar array square footage to be approximately 70% of the pool surface area.

APG SOLAR prefers AquaSol and SunSwim panels which are competitively priced and offer a 12 year warranty. Click here for more information on AquaSol pool heating panels.

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