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If you’ve been searching for solar panels near me, you’ve found the best option in California.

APG Solar offers comprehensive residential solar panel services in Los Banos, strongly emphasizing quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

We stand out by ensuring all installations conducted by our skilled team highlight our dedication to excellence. We provide installation and support for residential solar panels in the Central Valley and surrounding mountain communities for the most enhanced energy efficiency available.

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Support for American Industry

A key aspect of our service is the support of American manufacturers for both panels and inverters. 

This commitment fosters local industries and ensures high-quality components for our installations.


Safety and Courtesy at the Forefront

At APG Solar, we are particularly noted for our courteous and safety-conscious approach. (Read our reviews here.) 

This is especially important in sensitive environments, such as farms with animals, where our careful practices make a significant difference.

APG Solar Safety First
APG Experience

Proven Track Record

With thousands of utility interconnected installations along with 500 off-grid battery-based systems, APG has installed in excess of 45,000 solar panels and has established itself as a trusted provider within the community.

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Our services cater to various setups, including roof and custom structure mounts (low & high ground mounts, patios, gazebos. car parking shade, steel buildings, etc.), showcasing our versatility and commitment to energy efficiency through renewable energy solutions.

APG Solar’s ability to adapt to different residential solar panels highlights our comprehensive approach to solar energy.

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