Types of Solar

Making sense of the different types of solar can be time consuming.

At APG Solar we pride ourselves on patiently answering all of your questions, providing you with information and recommendations, and thoroughly explaining the benefits of your solar system. It is our goal to provide you with a great installation that benefits you financially and improves the quality of your life.


Solar for your Home

APG is a full service provider of all solar electric and thermal installations. We design, install, and service all types of solar for homes and businesses. See our services page for examples of our installs, large and small. Our Services

PV Electric Solar

Photovoltaic Solar Panels made from silicon convert the sun’s rays to create electricity for your home all year long

Thermal Pool Heating

Heating your pool with water solar collectors are a great way to extend your swimming season

Domestic Hot Water

Tube-like collectors heat water to use throughout your home for laundry, sinks, dishwashers and everywhere you need hot water

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solar



Battery Systems

    Grid-Tied systems refer to those systems that are connected to both the utility’s electrical grid and to your personal PV system.

    These systems allow electricity to flow back out into the grid when not being used by your home.

    During the evenings and nights when electricity is not being produced, the grid provides the electricity to power the house.

    This give and take will results in 0 net electricity consumption when a system is sized properly, though the utility will still have connection fees and other charges.

    Off-Grid systems refer to those solar installations that are not connected to the community electrical grid. These can include mobile offices, RVs, Houseboats, remote structures, etc.

    During peak times of energy production, the unused power is stored for later use in a battery system (if installed).

    When there is no sunlight the battery system powers the connected electrical appliances and lights.

    Call APG today to find out how we can help with your off-grid needs.  

    Batteries are utilized primarily in off-grid solar installations, though there is much talk about residential storage today. The solar panels first power everything connected to them, then the extra power charges the batteries for use when there is no sunlight.

    Back-up battery systems can be installed with a grid-tied system if there is concern about the utility grid going down for long periods of time, but this is very uncommon in central California.

    For backup short term electricity needs we often recommend a generator before relying on batteries.

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