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APG Solar installs and services all types of green energy. We design systems to meet your needs and provide you with a long term green solution.


Use the power of the sun to generate electricity, immediately deploy that energy into your appliances, and reduce your dependence on the electrical utility.

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Small Business & Large Commercial

Solar for your business results in lower electric bills and gives you the opportunity to claim accelerated depreciation on the system.

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A solar installation on your agricultural property offsets the seasonal irrigation costs that the electric company charges, creating great savings for your business.

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Stand-alone battery based systems, back-up generators, and hybrid configurations are ideal for remote areas where utility service is unavailable or cost prohibitive to install.


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APG Solar serves the Eastern Sierra Reservoirs. We install, upgrade, and maintain battery based solar power for houseboats with generator backup.

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Pool Heating

Extend your swimming season into spring and fall using solar heaters instead of conventional pool heaters that use propane or natural gas.

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Domestic Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are most commonly used to heat water for basic household needs such as laundry, bathing, and dishwashing.

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Whole House Fan

Install a Quiet Cool whole house fan to reduce the load on your air conditioner and lower your energy bill.

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