Simple Steps to Going Solar

1) Home Energy Assessment
2) Decide on a System
3) Secure Financing
4) Engineering & Permitting
5) Construction
6) Utility Makes Connection

Begin with a Home Energy Assessment

The Energy Assessment analyzes your home’s orientation to the sun as well as the amount of electricity your home uses throughout the year. This tells us how many panels your home needs and we then decide where those panels shouldbe placed to get the most sun and meet your energy needs.

Decide on the best system for your home

Most homes have enough roof space to meet their energy needs by putting a number of solar panels on South, East, or West facing roof planes and have plenty of space left over. But maybe you have a roof with little or no sun exposure due to trees or dormers. In that case, a ground mount may be your best option. Or perhaps you would like to park your car under the shade of the panels and would like to look at an elevated ground mount design. APG is here to answer your questions and provide solutions.

Secure Financing

Homeowners these days have several options to finance solar systems. We are partnered with local banks to provide you with a low rate unsecured green home improvement loan.

Engineering & Permitting

APG Solar completes all the engineering and permit paperwork that the cities and counties require for construction. We avoid delays by hand delivering plans and permits for your home solar project. We also communicate with the utility company so you havethe smoothest transition to solar.


 At APG Solar we complete all our own installations. We take pride in a good looking installation and we leave your home and property clean when we are finished. After construction, the local jurisdiction will send a representative out to finalize the permit and record that construction is complete.

Utility Interconnection

This final step is when your electric company approves and initiates the connection between your home and their electricity grid.  This step is called Permission to Operate, or PTO. 


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